MND Explained

The MND Association was founded in 1979 by a group of volunteers with experience of living with or caring for someone with MND. We are the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on MND care, research and campaigning. We are a membership organisation.

About motor neurone disease (MND)

International Alliance

MND or ALS, as it is known is some countries, affects over 400,000 of the world’s population and kills over 100,000 every year. The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations was founded in 1992 to provide an international community for individual associations from around the world. Every year Global MND Awareness Day is marked on June 21st. The MND Association is an active member of the International Alliance, attending the annual Alliance Meeting; a forum for member associations to meet and share advances in supporting people living with ALS/MND. The MND Association also organises the International Symposium; the largest medical and scientific conference on ALS/MND. This year it attracted more than 1,000 delegates from more than 35 countries. Find out more about the International Symposium. If you’ve been affected by the information on our site, you can speak to our MND Connect helpline on 0808 802 6262 or via