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The Challenge

Here’s your chance to experience what life can be like to communicate with only your eyes.

In this unique challenge, you’ll answer questions about MND. But you can only answer with your eyes.

We’ve accessed your webcam to allow you to use the same eye-tracking technology that many people with MND rely on.

Please make sure you’ve selected the camera facing you and you may need to remove your glasses so that the camera can clearly see your eyes.

If you haven't already granted access to your webcam, you should see a notification popup now!

Please Position Your Face Within The Circle

That's great, now keep your head still and click the button!


Eye Calibration

Ready to calibrate your screen, please follow the dot with your eyes then use the mouse to click on it.

You're ready

We’ll ask you ten questions about MND, but you can only answer by selecting True or False with your eyes.

Question 1/

What is the answer?

SORRY. Looks like you’ve moved your head. Try keeping still and just moving your eyes. Restart.


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